Home Decor, Accents & Giftware

NorthbyT has evolved as home decor, accents, and giftware brand from its inception in June 2019. We offer decidedly different and unusual pieces and all showcase the superior quality of each product we offer for sale.

PURR-fect decor

Meticulous research goes into the development of each product. We work with artisans to decide the best material to use, how to develop then decorate it, finish it and present it so that the experience of the customer is always a positive and joyous one.

Personalised with Personality

You can personalize each cat by writing your pets name on it and turn it into a black wall sign to define their living area or set it to be a lovely cat memorial

Your crazy cat lady friend will purr with thanks upon receiving such a lovely gift

Highest Quality

We are continually striving to ensure the best processes are used and that the individuals producing such beautiful items are rewarded commensurately. The detailed workmanship and pride taken is very obvious in the beautiful finished articles they produce.


A Beautiful Home



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